Strawberries with cream 4,75€
Natural fruit of the day 3,25€
Fruit salad 4,75€
House egg custard 4,00€
"Crema catalana" (Crème brûlée) 4,00€
Tiramisu from the house 5,25€
House cheese cake 5,75€
Profiteroles filled with cream glazed with hot chocolate 5,00€
Apple tarte tatin with calvados aroma 5,75€
Chocolate culánt 5,75€
Chocolate brownies 5,75€
Musician with a shot of muscat (nuts and muscatel wine) 4,75€
Vanilla ice cream with natural orange juice (Urruti) 5,00€
Gintonic ice cream with Beefeater 6,25€
Mojito sorbet with Bacardi 6,25€
Ice cream flavour of choice (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Smurf, nougat, Malaga with raisins, Coco, Capuccino)


Frozen truffles on whipped cream


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