The 5 keys to a good barbecue in Corsica – Brasserie restaurant in Salou

Barbecued meat is an ancient style of food that may seem very simple but it is not. Here we propose the 5 keys to good grilled meat, tips for the perfect barbecue.

1. Having a suitable barbecue and knowing how to make a good fire

The first of the 5 The keys to a good grilled meat is to know our grill. There are many types of barbecue, Of gas, electric or wood and coal. Gas and electric barbecues are very comfortable, They can even be used on a floor, but their grills are not very authentic and the flavor never quite equals the flavor of the wood or coal fire.. So we will talk about charcoal and fire coals.

It is important to be careful in following fire ignition safety guidelines for both wood and charcoal fires and to avoid using chemical fire retardants where possible. Ideally we use some paper (used for example newspapers) piled under the coal that we light with a lighter or long match. For the wood fire we would use the same method adding thin and dry sprigs and pine cones to the newspaper to help light the thicker firewood that will give us the main coals for cooking.

You have to avoid starting to cook when the flame is still very much alive, burnt meat can not only take on bitter and black flavors but it's also unhealthy! The ideal time to start adding food to the grill is when red embers have already formed that begin to lose color and if the heat is still too strong, We compensate by playing with the height of the grill.

2. Choosing quality meat and the right cuts for the barbecue

The next of our 5 The keys to a good barbecue is choosing quality meat depends a little on what we consider each as quality and what type of meat we prefer. A prepared meat will not be the same (burgers, chorizo, black pudding) like a cut of beef a cut of pork or one of chicken.

In the barbecue the juices and fat do not stay in the meat without having anything under, everything falls into the fire so choosing quality meat is important to have juicy and tasty results especially if we do not like undercooked meat. Choose noble cuts of meat with enough fat, but not excessive, it is essential to obtain these delicious results because the fat that melts keeps the piece tender and juicy while we are not overcooking.

If you prefer hamburgers, it is better to choose those with a high fat content for the barbecue., those with very lean meat are better left on the grill. One trick is to cover them with bacon so that it melts on top of the hamburger and adds some fat to the mixture.

3. Control cooking

Cooking control doesn't really start when we put the meat on the grill but at the very moment we take it out of the fridge (or defrost it if we do not have fresh meat available).

If we have to use frozen meat, it must be taken out in the fridge 1 day before to slowly defrost. We should also avoid putting meat directly from the fridge to the grill, thermal shock can stiffen the meat and therefore we should remove the meat at room temperature a couple of hours before cooking it.

From the moment we put the meat on the barbecue we should carefully control the cooking because the temperature zones are uneven, We must also avoid that the flames touch the meat too much and make sure that the distance between the grill and the coals gives us a good temperature for cooking..

4. Take cooking times into account

It is important to take cooking times into account, especially if we make a mixed grill so as not to end up with some raw pieces and others that have gone by., since it would not take as long to make a steak as a steak or a butifarra or a few strips of bacon. We also have to choose the places where we put each piece according to its cooking time and the temperature that best suits the size of the piece if we want to have them all ready in more or less the same time. (or we can make quick cooks first as a main course while waiting for the main cuts that need more time).

5. Do not disturb the meat too much

Although we have said that it is important to control cooking on the barbecue, you should not overdo the movements of the meat or make it dizzy by turning it all the time. Especially in handling the meat do not go over to prick the meat because holes are created where the juice escapes (In the case of chorizos, a few holes should be made so that they can eliminate part of the juices and the whole wrapper does not break.). To avoid unnecessary holes use tweezers to handle the meat.


We hope that the 5 Keys to a barbecue on your next barbecue outing.

Now with the Covid it may be that many of us do not have access to our favorite barbecue place and we do not have barbecue spaces in our homes (especially living in flats), So what can we do to enjoy a good barbecue in Salou? Visit the Córcega Salou Restaurant to enjoy the authentic taste of barbecued meat in an excellent atmosphere and impeccable service.


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