Salou daily menu

special days menu

Starter to choose from

1.- Córcega's private garden grown - green salad with dried fruit

2.- "Sensation" salad with seasonal fruits

3.- Exclusive tomato salad with roasted peppers (suplem. 1,75.-)

4.- Cod carpaccio with natural tomato

5.- Gazpacho (vegetable soup) with its garnish (season only)

6.- Melon with cured ham and dill vinaigrette

7.- "Xató del Vendrell" with cod

8.- Grilled vegetables

9.- Sautéed baby beans with baby squid (suplem. 2,25.-)

10.- Wild mushroom risotto with Parmesan shavings

11.- Scrambled eggs with prawns and porcini (suplem. 1,75.-)

12.- Seafood soup

13.- Scrambled eggs (potato chips base with fried and broken eggs)

14.- Andalusian squid with Padrón peppers

15.- Sauteed rock mussels

16.- Home-made croquettes

Main course to choose from

17.- Mixed grill of meat with grilled vegetables

18.- Lamb at low temperature with baked potatoes (suplem. 4,80€)

19.- Longaniza of paid con monchetas

20.- Grilled beef entrecote with vegetables (suplem. 4,80€)

21.- Sautéed Iberian pork slice with garlic

22.- Duck Confit (suplem. 3,50.-)

23.- Duck breast with berries reduction and Pedro Ximénez (suplem. 4,80€)

24.- Pork tenderloin with chef's sauce (suplem. 3€)

25.- Grilled chicken or rabbit with garnish

26.- Barbecued veal steak with garnish

27.- Fried cod with natural tomato

28.- Grilled salmon with sliced potatoes (suplem. 4,80€)

29.- Grilled gilthead bream with fried garlic

30.- Hake in green sauce Córcega style

31.- Grilled beach squid with minced garlic and parsley

32.- Seafood paella (minimum 2 people)

33- Cantabrian tuna with caramelized onion (suplem. 4,80€)


Consult waiter

Monday to Friday noon 16 €

Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and nights 18 €

*Drinks not included. VAT included.



Store in tests - we will be taking online orders in a few days!

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