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If you want to enjoy some Tapas in Salou and discover the best grilled dishes in the region, visit our restaurant Asador Córcega Salou.

Much more than tapas in Salou

There is a wide variety of tapas that can be enjoyed, from the traditional ones such as potato omelette or serrano ham, to more innovative options such as gazpacho or Galician octopus. Tapas are an excellent option to share with friends and family., allowing you to try different flavors and experience the culinary culture of Spain. Our restaurant offers you the best tapas in Salou, but we are not limited to being a simple tapas bar, our gastronomic offer is varied. We offer dishes for all tastes. Our strong point is grilled meats with excellent cuts carefully prepared by our experts on the grill. further, we offer rice, shellfish, fish dishes, pasta and salads. We accompany all our meat dishes with the freshest vegetables directly from our private garden to the table. That is why we are proud to tell you to choose the dish that you choose, sure that you will like it and even repeat the following week..

tapas en salou

Enjoy the Iberian ham and pan de cristal

There are dishes that cannot be missed when we talk about tapas or cold starters and perhaps the most important of these dishes is the Iberian ham. Especially when it comes to a municipality like Salou, where there is always a flow of foreign tourists, You can not miss, since the Iberian ham is practically a gastronomic symbol of Spain. Iberian ham is unique in the world, Protected designation product that arouses the curiosity of all who have not tried it. In our restaurant in Salou Asador Córcega you can enjoy the best Iberian ham accompanied by its crystal bread. Share the best-known tapa internationally: Iberian ham.

What is glass pan?

Crystal bread is a type of bread that was invented in Barcelona in the year 2004 by the master baker Jordi Nomen in the “Guzmán Artisanal Bakery”. Its typical characteristics are the extra crunchy crust, delicate crumbs with large gaps and less density.

It's bread, still so young, It has become the reference bread when we talk about a bread for tapas or for bread with tomato.

If you are looking to try some tapas in Salou, do not hesitate to come and try our Iberian ham with crystal bread.

Try our delicious variety of tapas

Enjoy our delicious variety of tapas! in our restaurant, we offer a wide selection of traditional spanish tapas, each one prepared with the best ingredients and authentic recipes. Whether you are looking for a vegetarian option, seafood or meat, we have a tapa for all tastes. From classics like croquettes, bravas potatoes and Iberian ham to more innovative options such as Galician octopus, we're sure you'll find something you'll love. Do not miss the opportunity to try our delicious tapas and be surprised by the explosion of flavors that we offer!!

Tapas en Salou

Book a table and try our variety of tapas in Salou

At Córcega Restaurant we are pleased to invite you to enjoy a unique culinary experience with our delicious tapas.. Our team of chefs has prepared an exquisite selection of tapas that will surprise and delight you with every bite..

Why should you reserve a table and try our tapas??

  • Variety of flavors: Our tapas menu offers an exciting variety of flavors, from classic tapas to innovative creations that will make you experience an explosion of flavors on your palate.
  • Fresh and quality ingredients: We only use fresh, high-quality ingredients in our preparations., which guarantees that each tapa is a delight for your senses.
  • Perfect for sharing: The tapas are ideal to enjoy in company. You can try different options and share with your friends and family, creating a lively and festive atmosphere at your table.
  • Options for all tastes: Our tapas menu includes options for all tastes, from vegetarian to seafood and meat dishes. If you have any food preferences, we will be happy to meet your needs.
  • Cozy atmosphere: Our restaurant offers a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, perfect to enjoy your tapas in a pleasant and comfortable environment.
  • Perfect to pair: Our tapas are an excellent option to pair with a wide selection of drinks, from wines and beers to special cocktails that will further enhance the flavors of each tapa.

Do not wait any longer to reserve your table and try the best tapas at Córcega Restaurant! We guarantee a gastronomic experience that will keep you coming back for more. Come and enjoy incomparable flavors, cozy atmosphere and impeccable attention from our team. We are waiting for you with open arms to offer you a unique culinary experience that you will love!!

tapas en salou
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