Try the best grilled meats in Salou

Grilled food, delight for the palate

the points of grilled meats in Corsica Salou TarragonaWe all know from our own experience that grilled meat is the one that tastes best.

Neither oven-roasted meat cooked on the electric grill nor charcoal-cooked meat can equal the impressive flavor of charcoal-grilled meat..

The connection of instinct and grilled meats

Millions of years ago the most important discovery of man began: How to create fire. Throughout the history of mankind, from that moment, we cook the meat of the animals on the fire and over time the technique has evolved to be perfected to the maximum.

Grilling, it is without a doubt, the most primitive and preferred way of eating meat of many, especially for the intense flavor it brings to the meat, the crisp texture and juiciness of its interior.

When we cook grilled meat Keep in mind that not all types of wood provide the same flavor to meat. The smoke they produce from burning wood logs is different, the substances they contain are different and only some are advisable to use them for this purpose.

We choose the best cuts for our grilled meat dishes

To make the best grilled meat it is essential that you use the best types of meat. Although grilling is generally very flexible and can be used for most meat, it is important to use the appropriate cuts.

We especially recommend:

  • noble cuts such as sirloin and entrecote
  • the chuleton
  • high-quality meats such as Ox Angus and Argentine beef
  • lamb chops

Enjoy the best grilled food and grilled meats in Salou – Tarragona

Grilled food, tasty and with the best flavor, only in CORCEGA ASADOR.

Come visit us and you will not regret!, we are open all year in Salou, Tarragona.

Carnes a la brasa en Salou tarragona

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