Daily Menu in Salou

Get to know the most complete daily menu in Salou at Asador Corsica. Lunch Menu and dinner menu in Córcega Salou.

Daily menu



1. Warm salad (goat cheese, candied cherry tomato)

2. Select tomato salad with roasted peppers (extra charge. 1,75 €)

3. Melon with cured ham and dill vinaigrette

4. Scrambled eggs with assorted mushrooms

5.Soup or cream of the day

6. Grilled vegetables

7. Sautéed broad beans with baby squid (extra charge. 3,25 €)

8. Scrambled eggs (chips with scrambled eggs)

9. Sauteed rock mussels

10. Homemade croquettes


11. Mixed meat grill with grilled vegetables (chicken, sausage and bacon)

12. Catalan sausage with sautéed beans

13. Dish of the day

14. Pig's trotters at low temperature finished in charcoal

15. Grilled veal entrecote with vegetables (suppl. 4,80 €)

16. Low temperature cooked pork secret D.O. Duroc

17. Grilled chicken with garnish

18. Fried cod with fresh tomato (suppl. 1,75 €)

19. Hake in green sauce Córcega style (suppl. 1,75 €)

20. Cantabrian bluefin tuna with caramelized onion (suppl. 4,80 €)

21. Seafood paella (minimum 2 pers) (suppl. 2,50 €)


Consult waiter.


Monday to Friday noon – 17,00 €

Saturdays, sundays and nights – 21,00 €

Drinks not included. VAT included.

In our restaurant in Salou, we offer a delicious and varied daily menu to satisfy all tastes. We start with a selection of fresh and tasty starters, like mixed salads, capaccio or sautéed rock mussels. For the main course, we offer a wide variety of options, from fresh fish from the coast to juicy grilled meats. Our chefs strive to use local and seasonal ingredients to ensure the freshness and quality of each dish.. further, we accompany our main dishes with a variety of garnishes. Y, of course, we cannot forget the irresistible desserts, We will have to ask the waiter who serves us to see what the suggestions of the day are..

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The best daily menu in Salou

in our restaurant, we offer the best daily menu in Salou. Designed to offer a complete dining experience at an affordable price, our daily menu changes regularly to include fresh and seasonal options.

Our daily menu includes a selection of dishes to choose from, including vegetarian options, meat and seafood. further, each menu includes entree, main dish, dessert and drink.

If you are looking for a delicious and affordable option for your lunch or dinner, our daily menu is the perfect option. You can enjoy a high-quality dining experience for an affordable price.. Do not hesitate to visit us and try our best daily menu in Salou!!


Why should you try our menus?

You should try our menus because at Córcega Restaurant we offer you a unique and exceptional gastronomic experience. Here are some reasons why our menus are an option you don't want to miss.:

  1. delicious variety: Our menus are carefully designed to offer you a wide variety of dishes that satisfy all palates.. From exquisite appetizers to tasty main courses and tempting desserts, each bite will be a delight for your senses.
  2. Fresh and quality ingredients: In Corsica Restaurant, we believe that the quality of the ingredients is essential to obtain exceptional dishes. So, we use fresh and high quality ingredients in each preparation, making sure to offer you a unique culinary experience.
  3. Authentic dining experience: Our team of chefs are highly trained and have a passion for cooking.. Each dish reflects our dedication to providing you with an authentic and tasty experience., inspired by traditional and modern recipes.
  4. Cozy atmosphere: Our restaurant offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ideal to enjoy your meals in a relaxed and pleasant environment. We guarantee a gastronomic experience accompanied by exceptional service from our team.
  5. Special occasions: Our menus are ideal for celebrating special occasions, from romantic dinners to family reunions and corporate events. We make every moment an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.
  6. Value for money: Our menus offer excellent value for money, offering you exquisite dishes at affordable prices.


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The daily menu of Restaurante Córcega Salou offers you the best value for money-variety

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If you are looking for a restaurant with a daily menu in Salou, we are your best option to enjoy a high quality menu at affordable prices..

We also offer you a wide selection of special menus and you can enjoy your favorite dishes à la carte.

 Menú diario en Salou
 Menú diario en Salou
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