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Surprise your partner with a romantic scene in Salou in Corsica Restaurant

Enjoy a romantic dinner in Salou

Whether it's first dates, as if you have been together for years, a romantic dinner from time to time is necessary to get out of the routine, enjoy another kind of atmosphere and celebrate your love for each other. That is why at Restaurante Córcega we want to help you with our menus for two , four menus designed to share with your loved one. further, you can enjoy a variety of a la carte options.

To create a romantic atmosphere, you can choose a cozy place with soft lighting and attractive decoration. The choice of an exquisite menu and the careful selection of music can help create a warmer and more romantic atmosphere..

It is for this and more that our restaurant offers a good atmosphere for couples and Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on grilled meats., rice, seafood and fish.

cena romántica salou
Cena romántica en Salou

Celebrate special days with a romantic dinner

Whether it's Valentines Day, an anniversary or any reason to celebrate with your love, Restaurante Córcega is the ideal place to celebrate with a romantic dinner in Salou. In our restaurant you will enjoy a high quality culinary experience in a good atmosphere with excellent service.

Surprise your partner with the best grilled meats

It is no secret that many of the men love a good cut of grilled meat, and many women adore him too. If your partner is one of these meat lovers at their point, surprise him with a romantic dinner in Salou in Corsica Restaurant.

suggestion of passion

Our strong point is grilled meats, meat and fire, tasty expression of our most primitive instincts. We cook the best cuts of meat to perfection so that you can enjoy its juiciness in your romantic dinner.

The meat is not for all tastes, we know it and that is why there is a wide variety of alternatives such as our delicious seafood dishes, rice, pastas, salads. In our menu you will find something for every palate, to be able to plan the perfect romantic dinner for your partner.

The best romantic dinners in Salou

If you are looking for a unique and romantic culinary experience to share with your partner, you have come to the right place! in our restaurant, we offer an intimate and cozy atmosphere for you to enjoy a perfect romantic dinner.

We have a variety of delicious dishes, ranging from starters to desserts, that are prepared with the best fresh and local ingredients. further, we have a wide selection of wines to complement your meal and enhance your experience.

If you want to reserve a table for a romantic dinner with us, feel free to contact us through our website or by phone. Our team will be happy to help you choose the perfect table for your special occasion.. We hope to see you soon!

cena romántica salou
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