Our Dishes – Grill restaurant in Salou Corsica

Check our menu, all our products are made with fresh and quality ingredients


1.- Selected tomato and tuna belly salad 14,50 €
2.- Salad timbale and goat cheese with nuts and honey vinaigrette13,50 €
3.- Mixed green salad11,50 €
4.- Warm king prawn salad with apple and melon vinaigrette14,50 €
5.- Melon with ham and dill vinaigrette13,75 €
6.- Gazpacho (vegetable soup) with garnish (season only)11,90 €
7.- Iberian ham with crystal bread and black salt25,50 €
8.- Manchego cheese platter with crispy crust bread18,50 €
9.- Cod salad14,50 €
10.- Foie micuit with wild berries reduction21,50 €
11.- Veal carpaccio with parmesan cheese13,50 €
12.- Grilled fresh vegetables from our own garden with goat cheese14,50 €
13.- Grilled squid with garlic and parsley17,50 €
14.- Fried Prawns with garlic and a touch of cayenne15,25 €
15.- Fish and seafood soup13,90 €
16.- Sauteed rock mussels with romesco sauce10,25 €
17.- Clams with Córcega style sauce 12,25 €
18.- Squid rings in batter with Padrón peppers and Ibiza salt.13,50 €
19.- Grilled Lobster Prawn (12 ud.)18,00 €
20.- Bover snails "a la llauna" (seasoned and cooked) with alioli ..15,50 €
21.- Grilled black pudding from Burgos12,50 €
22.- Córcega style homemade croquettes11,50 €
23.- "Broken eggs" with ham and foie shavings13,50€
24.- Baby broad beans from our garden sautéed with squid16,50 €
25.- Galician style octopus on baked potatoes23,50 €



(minimum 2 people - price per person)

26.- Mellow rice with lobster27,50 €
27.- Black rice with clams and prawns18,00 €
28.- Seafood Paella18,00 €
29.- Mixed paella18,50 €
30.- Fideua with aioli15,75 €



31.- Cantabrian bluefin tuna with caramelized onion17,25 €
32.- Fried cod with fresh tomato13,50 €
33.- Cod confit loin with fried garlic and potato confit19,50 €
34.- Lubina or dorada Orio style19,75 €
35.- Grilled monkfish on candied potato, fried green asparagus and shrimp25,00 €
36.- Salmon tartar23,90 €
37.- Grilled Norwegian salmon with sliced potatoes19,50 €
38.- Hake in green sauce with clams and mussels15,50 €
39.- Grilled Canadian lobster served open30,00€
40.- Hake suquet with prawns, clams and mussels20,50 €
41.- Grilled fish and seafood (min. 2 pers)40,00 € / pers




42.- Mixed meat grill with garnish20,50 €
43.- Leg of suckling pig at low temperature and finished on grill27,00 €
44.- Crispy suckling pig with sliced potatoes27,50 €
45.- Catalan sausage with sautéed beans13,25 €
46.- ANGUS T-bone steak served in a stove to suit the customer (500 grams)27,00 €
47.- National beef sirloin at customer's choice cooking point 24,50 €
48.- Grilled lamb chops19,50 €
49.- National beef sirloin with foie27,00 €
50.- Grilled veal entrecote19,00 €
51.- "Magret" Duck breast with berries reduction and Pedro Ximénez.16,75€
52.- grilled steak14,75 €
53.- Duck Confit15,25 €
54.- Grilled chicken with grilled vegetables and baked potato12,00 €
55.- Iberian pork secreto at low temperature finished on grill16,90 €
56.- Pork tenderloin with chef's sauce14,75 €
57.- Steak Tartar26,50 €
58.- Whole baked suckling pig (5 kg.) with baked potatoes. only on request. 48hS/M
Our Sauces – Roquefort, Pepper, Roman, Chef, Allioli1,75€



59.- White pasta with sauce (carbonara, bolognese)11,50 €
60.- Wild mushroom risotto with grated goat cheese and foie14,25 €




61.- Escalope milanese, nuggets, hamburger or croquettes with pasta and chips.
Ice cream for dessert.
12,50 €




Strawberries with cream (in season)4,75€
Fresh fruit3,25€
Fruit salad4,75€
Homemade baked custard4,00€
Catalan cream4,00€
Cheese cake6,25€
Hot chocolate-glazed cream filled profiteroles5,00€
Apple Tart Tatin with Calvados flavor5,75€
Chocolate coulant5,75€
Chocolate brownies5,75€
Musician with a shot of muscat (nuts and muscatel wine)4,75€
Vanilla ice cream with natural orange juice (Urruti)5,00€
Gintonic sherbet with Beefeater6,25€
Mojito sherbet with Bacardi6,25€
Sherbet (Lemon, Tangerine, Green apple, Raspberry)4,00€

Ice cream (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Smurf, Nougat, Malaga with raisins, Coconut, Cappuccino)


Frosted truffles over whipped cream








Mussels and salad to share and seafood paella70,00€
Snails in a tin to share and 1kg of D.O ANGUS ribeye80,00€
Goat cheese timbale with micuit to share and crispy suckling pig75,00€
Tomato salad with roasted peppers and 1kg of suckling pig ribs with vegetables75,00€

(2 people – these menus include dessert, drink and coffee) *Bread service €1.75

*Selected vegetables and fruit from your own garden.

*VAT included

*Table service (Bread and snack): 1,75

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