Calçotada Salou 2023

Try our spectacular calçotas

From November to April by appointment

First course

Calçots with romesco sauce

(from own garden, made to order and grilled over wood)

Second course

Grilled meat:

Traditional sausage, chorizo, blood sausage, pork and lamb belly

with aioli and garnish:

artichokes, “beans” and potato “jacked potato”

Dessert to choose


Natural fruit

Catalan cream

Homemade flan


Came (D.O. Terra Alta)

Cava Brut Nature

Waters and coffee

35,00€ (VAT included)

What is Calçotada?

Calçotada is the typical table for groups where the star dish is calçots. Some elongated and thin onions cooked over live flames and accompanied by a traditional sauce called romesco.

Calçots are usually eaten from late autumn to early April and are usually a community meal. It is also usually accompanied by different dishes such as grilled meat or bread toasts..

In Corcega Restaurant we have our own way of offering you this magnificent experience.

Feel free to come visit us.

Celebrate the best calçotadas at Córcega Restaurant in Salou

Come and enjoy an authentic calçotada in our restaurant in Salou! In this season, we offer the opportunity to try this traditional catalan dish in our restaurant.

Prepared on a grill, our calçots are served with romesco sauce and grilled meat. further, for those looking for an even more authentic experience, We offer the option of eating with your hands and with a bib.

If you want to organize a calçotada with friends or family, our restaurant is the perfect place to do it. We offer options for large and small groups, and our team will be happy to help you with the organization. Do not hesitate to contact us to reserve your calçotada and enjoy this unique culinary tradition!!


Calçotada Salou
Calçotada Salou
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