Menu calçotadas in salou. If you are thinking of making a calçotada, Restaurant Corsica is your best choice.

Our menu of calçotas in Salou:

Quality calçotas in Salou

From November to April with appointment

First course

Calçots with romesco sauce (from own garden, made to order and grilled over wood)

Second course

Grilled meat:

Traditional sausage, pork and lamb belly

with aioli and garnish:

artichokes, cakes and caliu potato

Dessert to choose


Natural fruit

Catalan cream

Homemade flan


Came (D.O. Terra Alta)

Cava Mistinguett Brut Nature

Waters and coffee


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calçotadas en Salou Tarragona

What is a calçotada?

Talking about a calçotada in Catalonia is like talking about paella in Valencia or cooked in Madrid. But what exactly do we mean??

Calçotada is a traditional gastronomic party food that originates from the lands of the Alt Camp de Tarragona and Valls, your capital. Describe one of the most deeply rooted typical customs in Catalonia, where family and friends get together to grill the famous calçots. These are days when people meet and cook together, everyone gathers around the table between talks and memories, tradition and fun.

It is time to celebrate a good time with our family and enjoy again as a child. And this is literal, since to enjoy calçots you have to forget about rules, eat with your hands, stain and have fun.

How are calçots cooked for calçotas in Salou?

The authentic calçots are roasted on a grill over a live fire, normally the firewood will be vine shoot or other fragrant wood, their white part is scorched, the calçots being almost charred on the outside.

They are turned, the burning is completed and the stems have to be wrapped in newspaper (in groups of 10, 15 or more, according to its thickness). Finally they will be served on the table on a tile, if you want to scrupulously comply with tradition.


Make your reservation to celebrate your calçotadas in Salou

At Córcega Restaurant we are excited to offer you a unique and authentic culinary experience: the famous Catalan calçotadas! Come and enjoy this very special gastronomic tradition, ideal to share unforgettable moments with your friends and family.

What makes our calçotadas special?

  • The best underpants: We carefully select the freshest and tastiest calçots to guarantee an unbeatable gastronomic experience. You will delight in the tender and smoky flavor of these delicious grilled leeks.

  • homemade sauces: We accompany our calçots with a selection of homemade sauces, from the classic romesco sauce to other irresistible options that further enhance the flavor of calçots.

  • Grilled meats: In addition to the underpants, our calçotada includes a delicious barbecue of grilled meat that will surely satisfy all diners.

  • personalized attention: Our team will be happy to assist you and make sure you enjoy your calçotada to the fullest. We are available to answer any questions or special requests you may have..

Book now your calçotada in our restaurant and discover a Catalan tradition that will win you over!! Take advantage of this season to enjoy a unique meal, surrounded by good atmosphere and delicious flavors. Calçotadas are popular events and places are limited, so do not delay in booking to ensure your place in an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Contact us to make your reservation and we will wait for you with the calçots and the grill ready for you to enjoy a unique calçotada in Salou. We await you with open arms to share this culinary feast with you!!

Calçotadas en Salou
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