Communions and baptisms

communions and baptisms

At the Córcega Restaurant we know how important it is for you and your family on the day of the celebration of the communion o go christenings.
That happy moment where tradition is enjoyed and where the little ones become protagonists. So, we offer three special menus so that no one is left out. Grilled meats, pica-pica, Cake and quality wines.

We have three types of menus. Two for adults and one for children, with dishes to choose from so that everyone can decide how to spend a day of celebration with the family.


Menu 40 euros with house snacks, to snack, sorbets between dishes, three plates for seconds to choose, Dessert and wine.

Menu 50 euros on house snacks, to snack, ice cream sandwiches, three main courses to choose (among them the fantastic grilled pork shoulder at low temperature), Dessert and wine.

Children's menu with pica-pica, second course to choose with options for the little ones and dessert.

To find out what choices we have on the menu visit our baptism and communion letters.


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